The Sailing Story


St. Pierre - Martinique

Sailing "Bewildered" and experiencing Cruising under sail.

You are invited to explore our world.

Program for the summer of 2019  beginning in June.

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Grenada, ABC Islands, Columbia, The San Blas Islands, the off lying islands of Colombia (San Andres and Providencia), the Moskito coast, the Cape at Gracias a Dios and the Hobbies, the islands of Honduras  arriving in January 2020.  Now Locked down in the Brooksy Point Yacht Club, French Cay, Roatan, Bay of Islands, Honduras.

The Sailing Story - The Beginning

Program for  2021

Next?  A good Question.  Starting mid to late January 2021 Rio Dulce, Belize, Mexico, Cuba,  Florida,  the Bahamas.  Possible across the Atlantic West to East or South again thru the Eastern Caribbean and on to Bonaire. All very subject to travel restrictions, countries being open  due to the Virus.

No Plans Just Options Starting in the Bahamas

Option #1

The Bahamas - East Coast USA - Bermuda - The Azores - Gibraltar

Option #2

The Bahamas - East Coast USA - Bermuda - South to the Caribbean

Option #3

The Bahamas - East Coast USA - Bermuda - South to the Caribbean and then South America to Brazil by special requested of interested parties of up to three(3) Persons.

Voyage to Date

Sail into the Sunset Indian River

                 Sunset in the Atlantic                                                                 Indian River - Dominica

Started in Turkey aft a final re-fit in Yachtmarine, Marmaris, Turkey during the winter of 2016/17.

It is fair to state that it is very difficult to find a full service situation with reasonable prices, excellent access to materials, equipement and experience and qualified people to match or better the facilities in Marmaris.

In June 2017 we sailed from Mamaris, accross the Aegean to Monenvasia in Greece the on to Kalamata where the mast was removed for full serving and painting; then on to Italy visiting Regio, Lipari then to Marina de Regusa, Sicily for the winter.

In was decided to sail east from Sicily on April 15th 2018 to Greece circumnavigatiing the Peleponese starting in  Argostoli, Cephalona thru the Corinth Canal ending in Kalamata  in September 2018.

In September 2018 a Fall sail thru the Med. visiting Italy, Spain and Gibraltar .  Not so pleasant this year due to weather conditions.

In late October 2018 sailed from Gibraltar to Madeira and The Canaries where we are spending Christmas in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.

 Late December sailed for Cape Verdes and then Westward to the Caribbean arriving in Dominica,

February 2019 finds us in the Caribbean sailing South to Grenada via Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Bequia, The Grenadines including the Tobago Cays.


  First Fish of Voyage

Ustica - The Dive Island                                              Small Tuna in the Atlantic

Enjoying  meeting new people, exploring, sailing, swimming, diving, photography & writing plus adventure

Including all aspects of Cruising including, sailing, coastal and offshore Navigation and traditional navigation using a Marine Sextant as well as paper & electronic charts

There is nothing like a landfall after a voyage across the deep blue of the ocean bringing a new country to explore and new people to meet.

Living for a time "Against the Grain"

Left the everyday life in 1976 behind aboard "Happiness Is II" for a dream and now reliving that dream on "Bewildered"

An Experience not be missed!!


Let's Go Sailing aboard "Bewildered" Marine Surveys & Consultancy International
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